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SVI Olomouc qualification

Accredited testing laboratory č.1144

AZL Certificate of Accreditation (pdf)

OA Appendix - List of Accredited Methods AZL (pdf)

Accredited Certification Body for products č.3235

Certificate of Accreditation COP

Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)

GMP Certificate - SIDC (1)
GMP Certificate - SIDC (2)
Certificate GMP - SIDC (3)
Certificate GMP - SIDC (4)
Activity: pharmaceuticals, water, environment

Certificate GMP - ISCVBM (1)
GMP Certificate - ISCVBM (2)

Subject matter: Veterinary Drugs Medicated feed Mixtures

Reference Laboratory (RL)

RL for Aujeszky's Disease of Pigs (odd.virologie and serology)
RL for the microbiology of infant and baby food animal Containing Ingredients
(odd.hygieny food and feed)

National Reference Laboratory (NRL)

NRL for chemical elements in foods (DEPT. Xenobiotics)
NRL for Staphylococci koagulázapozitivní (dept. Of Food hygiene and food)
NRL for Campylobacter (dept. Microbiology Special)
NRL for Brucellosis (odd.virologie and serology)
NRL for parasites (dept. Pathological morphology)
NRL for bee health  (dept. pathological morphology)

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