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Chemical parameters in food and drink

Determination of sterols by GC-FID



Determination of composition of fatty acids by GC-FID method

C4:0, C6:0, C8:0, C10:0, C11:0, C12:0, C13:0, C14:0, C14:1, C15:1, C16:0, C16:1, C17:0,

C17:1, C18:0, C18:1n9t, C18:1n9c, C18:2n6t, C182n6c, C20:0, C18:3n3, C21:0, C20:2, C22:0,

C20:3n6, C22:1n9, C20:3n3, C20:4n6, C23:0, C22:2, C24:0, C20:5n3, C24:1, C22:6n3,

C18:1n11t, C18:1n11c, C22:5n3


Determination of triglycerides by GC-FID method

C24, C26, C28, C30, C32, C34, C36, C38, C40, C42, C44, C46, C48, C50, C52, C54


Determination of menthol a cineol by GC-FID


Determination of glycerol by titration

GC-FID  - gas chromatography with flame ionization detector