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Organochlorine pesticides

Determination of organochlorine pesticides by GC-ECD method

HCB; p,p-DDE; p,p-DDD; o,p-DDT; p,p- DDT; o,p-DDE; o,p-DDD; α-HCH; β-HCH; γ-HCH; δ-HCH; ε-HCH;  aldrin; isodrin; cis-heptachloroepoxide; trans-heptachloroepoxide; dieldrin; cischlordan; trans-chlordan; oxy-chlordan; endosulfan I; endosulfan II; endosulfan-sulphate; heptachlor, methoxychlor, endrin, mirex, toxaphen, nitrofen, terbufos; terbufos-sulfone; terbufos-sulfoxide; fipronil; fipronil-desulfinyl



GC-ECD  - gas chromatography with electron capture detector