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Virology and Serology Department

The department provide for:

  • diagnostics of viral, bacterial, mycoplasma, chlamydia and protozoal infections of production animals, domestic animals as well as free-living animals
  • health control of animals at their transport, sale within the Czech Republic as well as abroad (exports and imports)
  • systematic monitoring of health conditions of animals as well as examinations in case of infection

The major part of the methods used at the department is accredited

The department  features
NRL for Brucellosis
RL for Aujeszky's Disease in Pigs
PCR laboratory
BSE laboratory

Virological and serological examination according to animal kind:

Staff :     

MVDr. Zuzana Návělková
department head
RL for Aujeszky´s Disease head

+420 585 557 215 znavelkova@svuol.cz 
MVDr. Hana Kašíková +420 585 557 334
Mgr. Michaela Martinusíková
+420 585 557 275
ing. Iva Kostelecká +420 585 557 248 ikostelecka@svuol.cz 

MVDr. Štefánia Šanová, Ph.D.
NRL for Brucellosis head

+420 585 557 336 stsanova@svuol.cz