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Chemistry, Biochemistry and Radiology Department

The department provides for:

  • basic chemical, biochemical and toxicological examinations of food, feed, water and biological material
  • special analyses - determination of veterinary drug residues, contaminants and toxins by HPLC/MS/MS, HPLC, ELISA, HTLC, CHARM, ITP  methods 
  • detection of mycotoxins
  • determination of radioactivity 134Cs and 137Cs by gamaspectrometric method
  • determination of biochemical parameters of blood, urine, paunch liquid and bones null
  • determination of common chemical parameters of quality and safety of food, including the determination of biogenic amines

The major part of the analyses performed is accredited

Testing methods of chemistry, biochemistry and radiology:

RNDr. Mirjana Koláčková
department head
+420 585 557 261 mkolackova@svuol.cz 
Mgr. Lenka Kadalová +420 585 557 269 lkadalova@svuol.cz 
Mgr. Pavla Macharáčková +420 585 557 262 pmacharackova@svuol.cz 
RNDr. Pavel Adamovský, Ph.D. +420 585 557 244 padamovsky@svuol.cz