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Food and Feed Hygiene Department

The department provides for:

  • complex sensory analysis, complex bacteriological and mycological analyses of food products and raw materials for the production of food. The laboratory employs the examination procedures complying with national and international legislation, including the EU legislation
  • laboratory verification of the system of critical control points (HACCP)
  • analyses required at exports and imports
  • detection of inhibitory substance residues (e.g. antibiotics and chemotherapeutical agents) in meat, milk and eggs by microbiological methods
  • detection of pathogens in food by PCR
  • detection of animal proteins used in production of food by PCR and Elisa methods
    sampling if required
  • consultation activity including food labelling in compliance with national legislation

The major part of the methods used at the department is accredited

Testing methods of food hygiene:

MVDr. Jarmila Ondrušková
department head,
NRL for Coagulase-Positive Staphylococci head
+420 585 557 240 jondruskova@svuol.cz
MVDr. Miluše Oslíková +420 585 557 271 moslikova@svuol.cz
Mgr. Petr Ambrož  +420 585 557 259 pambroz@svuol.cz
Mgr. Alena Jarošová +420 585 557 260 ajarosova@svuol.cz